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It seems to be quite a simple topic, but I know some of my students have a problem with question words. As you may know, things or concepts are much easier to remember if there are pictures connected with them. Last year I made a little help for my 4th graders, but since then I use it with different groups. 
The worksheet consists of:
1) coloured version of Qword-icon connection
2) black-and-white version Qword-icon connection
3) question words dice template wih icons only
4) question words dice template wih words only
The first two can be used as a summary note, and the dice can be used to reinforce and revise question words. For example, you can play a game with the dice. I suggest using flashcards too. Students can work in pairs or in teams. A student rolls the dice and picks up a flashcard. Then they make a question with a word from the flashcard and a question word from the face of the dice. If the question is grammatically correct, they get a point. You can set a point limit, e.g if a student or a team gets 10 points, they win. If you have other ideas to use the dice, please share them in the comments.
You can make your own dice with this tool:


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