Monday, 11 November 2013

More than words

In my free time I like playing word games. They are the easiest way to practice vocabulary. If you Google "word games", you will find many results, but not all of them are worth your time. These are my personal favourites:


You have 3 minutes to make as many words as possible (3 to 7 letters long) from 16 random letters. Use your keyboard or click on the letters and then press Enter or click Submit.


You have 2 minutes to make as many words as possible (3 to 7 letters long) from the moving sushi plates. Different letters score different points. You can only click on letters and click Submit.


You have to type as many words as possible using the letters that drop into the game. Do not let more than 50 letters drop into the game or it is game over!


You have to connect falling shapes with letters to form words. Use the mouse to connect the words. Grab shapes to move them around.

What are your favourite word games? Please, write in the comments.


  1. Wspaniałe gry! Niestety, przekonałam się jak mało znam jeszcze słówek angielskich :(

  2. Na razie najlepsze gry dla mnie to Wordshake oraz Pop Words a przynajmniej widzę postęp punktowy (score).Odezwała się we mnie żyłka hazardzisty:)

    1. Cieszę się, że nie poddała się Pani po pierwszej próbie :)