Ba Ba Dum

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I have to admit that Poles are very creative. Aleksandra and Daniel Mizielińscy created a collection of five free browser games to practise 1500 words in 9 different languages. The collection is called Ba Ba Dum and you will find it here:

If you sing in, you can keep statistics. The games are available on computers, phones and tablets.
It's the best vocabulary game I've played so far, as it's very engaging. Why is it better than any others? The website is multilingual. You can practise words in 9 languages (including Russian and Japanese). But what is more important, you can listen to the pronunciation of the words (very good quality of sound).
The games are designed professionally. Mizielińscy drew all the pictures and they even created a special typeface: Mr Dum Dum. Here you can read more about the project:


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