Silly sentences

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A few years ago I bought a game called "Silly sentences" by DK Publishing. I must admit it's very exciting for elementary learners. Even if they don't understand some words, they can learn them very fast.,,9780789454720,00.html?Silly_Sentences_DK_Publishing#

 Creating sentences that make no sense is good fun. The sillier sentences, the better.

One of my students is especially eager to build very long sentences. Unfortunately, there are no relative pronouns in the set. That's why I decided to make my own set. I've searched the net and I've found a brilliant blog First Grade Fresh. Morgan Berard has created her own Silly Sentences set with clear instructions (you can find it here).
Inspired by Mrs. Berard I'm working on my own Silly Sentences. I'll try to post my set next week.


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  1. Do you have the rules for this game? I have all the pieces but no instructions!

    1. You can find the instructions here: