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Coding and decoding can be a lot of fun. Especially, when it is in English. The weather is beautiful lately, so it is difficult to be productive in the classroom. I have to make my lessons more interesting than the spring weather. My idea is to use a secret alphabet code. You can easily find a lot of examples online and choose whichever you like. 
I like the pigpen cipher:

Yesterday I wrote 8 sentences (e.g. It's Saturday. We don't have to go to school.) and then I rendered them in ciphertext. I cut them into pieces (each sentence had its own colour). I scattered the pieces in the classroom, so the students could decipher them and put them in the right order to make sentences.

As you can see, my students were very focused (despite the weather). They even worked in pairs and groups willingly.
BTW, I've tried a new app: Pic Collage to create the photo collage above. It's my first attempt. I have an idea how I can use this app with my students.


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