Summer holidays with QR codes

by June 26, 2015 1 komentarze
For me it's time to begin another summer holidays. Last week my students asked me to prepare a lesson with smartphones. It wasn't easy, as the Internet connection in my classroom is very poor (Wi-Fi doesn't work). Yet we tried really hard to make this lesson happened. Some of my students were familiar with QR codes, but for most of them it was something new. 
I've prepared four QR codes and printed them in four different colours. The students scaned the codes and solved the puzzles linked with them. Then they had to put the words in the right order to make a holiday sentence.
Here are my QR codes (in a random order). Have fun!
My students at work:


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  1. Świetne zabawy z wykorzystaniem ICT. Są emocje jest zabawa...