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Revision, revision, revision...
Young learners need variety of games and exercises to revise and consolidate vocabulary. Last week I played Spot it! with my 6- and 7-year-olds. At first I had some doubts about using this game in the classroom with very young learners. Fortunately, it worked perfectly!
I've prepared 4 sets of cards. Each set consisted of 13 cards with 4 different pictures.

I divided class into groups, 5-6 students per group. Each group was given one set of cards. Each student in a group took one card, the rest were placed face-down in a pile. Then one player took the first card from the pile and place it with their card on the floor. As soon as they found the match, they had to call it out in English. If the answer was correct they took both cards. If not, the card was placed under the pile. The winner was the player with the most cards.

Here you can download my cards:
The cards were generated with Dobble Generator.
You can find the original game with instructions here:


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