Girl's life

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Last week my 6th graders revised present tenses. Grammar is not their idea of having fun, so I had to come up with some activities that will make it more enjoyable.
I have found cute pictures presenting girl's life and I have created a set of 24 picture cards and 12 word cards.
I divided the class into groups of four. Each student got one picture card. I had to make sure that they know the English phrases to describe the pictures. Then I picked up one word card and read it out loud. The students had to decide which tense they sould use and they had to write the correct sentence in their notebooks. Then they read their sentences one by one. They swapped pictures within their groups, I picked up another word card, and they wrote and read another sentence. We repeated this three times.
They said they liked the activity more than workbook grammar exercises. But what is more important, even the weakest students were able to create correct sentences on their own.

If you like this actitivy and you want to do it with your students, you can download it here:

Girl's life by kakitis on Scribd


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