Teaching values through stories

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When I was pregnant I bought a book with seven fantastic stories. Every night me an my husband read a story to my belly. And now I read these stories to my newborn. The book is "7 habits of happy kids" by Sean Covey.
It may seem funny or even odd. One may say that she doesn't understand anything or that she doesn't listen even. Fair enough, babies usually eat and sleep a lot. I think you can use the breast-feeding time to strengthen the relationship between mother and her child. That's why I tell stories to my baby during breast-feeding. Currently, I'm too sleepy to come up with my own stories, so I read her the stories from "7 habits of happy kids". They are not only entertaining, they also teach values - 7 habits that are universal principles of personal and interpersonal effectiveness.
The seven habits are:

I've got the book in Polish, but I have found the first story in English on the Internet (http://seancovey.com/books/7kids/index.html#). You can also listen to some stories on YouTube.


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