International Dot Day

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Do you know Vashti? She's an inspirational character in the book "The Dot" by Peter H. Reynolds. "The Dot" is a story of a little girl who doubted in her own abilities, but encouraged by her teacher she put a small dot on a piece of paper and discovered her potential. The story is so powerful that teachers around the globe share it with their students and celebrate creativity and courage on the International Dot Day (September 15th).
For the last two years I've celebrated this day with my school community. This year I will do it at home with my daughter :)
I have also a few ideas for the next school year. One of them is an art activitity - mixing colours. Last year my 1st-graders were given plates with some yellow, red and blue paints. They mixed colours on the paper using their fingers (wearing protective gloves). Then they drew the primary colours they used to make the secondary colours.

A few days ago I got a wonderful gift from Mamania publishing house - "The Dot" in Polish ("Kropka"). Polish teachers who are members of a group called Superbelfrzy Mini prepared a short booklet with ideas on how to celebrate the Dot Day. I can proudly said that my ideas are in the booklet too. The booklet is in Polish, so it will be useful for speakers of Polish.

You can download the booklet here: Przewodnik po Dniu Kropki


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