Irregular verbs

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Recently I've been teaching this topic to different age groups. Many people ask me "How am I supposed to learn it?" The answer is: "by heart". Easier said than done, I know. 
Here's some help. You can play these online games.

1) Blast the rocket

2) Sentence Monkey

3) Irregular verbs hangman

4) Snakes and Ladders

5) Past Tense Memory

You can also check Macmillan Grammar Wheel:

And here's something from me. Tetrahedral dice (4-sided) with irregular verbs (be, do, have, make, take, get, give and see). Tetraherdon is a triangular based pyramid.

Can you share in the comments your ideas to use 4-sided dice with irregular verbs? Is this idea useful?

PS. My friend, Karolina, shared a video with me today. Listen to an American teacher rapping irregular verbs.


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