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by October 23, 2013 6 komentarze
I may not be the greatest fan of computer games unlike my husband, but I like playing brain games. Today I'd like to present you three of my favourite games. I've already shown them to some of my students (9 - 12 years old) and they were quite interested. I'm aware that computer games keep children sitting in front of a computer screen for too long, but with games like these they aren't wasting their time.
Let me introduce game number 1.

Little alchemy

At the beginning of the game you've got four elements: water, fire, earth and air. You have to combine the elements to get 416 more, eg. human or even a doughnut. Sometimes the combinations are very tricky and not so obvious :) The names of the elements are in English, so in the meantime you can learn a new word or two.


I like Maths and the game seemed so simple to me. But believe me, it's getting more difficult with each level. The task is to slide numbers together to add them up (you have to make 10s). 

Electric Box

I'm not good at Physics, but Electric Box is one of my favourites. The goal is to connect power to the set target using different components from the inventory.

As you can see, the aim of these games is to figure out something and to think outside the box sometimes. But be careful, they can be addictive ;)

What's your favourite brain game? Please, share them in the comments.


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  1. In first game I got atomic bomb - fascinating1

  2. There are more strange elements in this game. What's your favourite brain game, Līga?

  3. Gra 10 mną zawojowała! Pozostałych jeszcze nie rozgryzłam:)

  4. Te gry rzeczywiście wciągają. Myślę, że pozostałe Pani szybko rozgryzie :)

  5. Try this one
    Pupils like it :)

    1. Thanks, Līga. I know this game :)