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I promised to tell you how I teach English to my little daughter. Well, teaching is a big word in this situation. I just try to speak Polish and English to my daughter as much as possible, so she could pick up both languages. As you know I read and tell her stories but lately she prefers songs. I'm not the best singer but my little baby doesn't mind for now. When it's time to sleep I sing her traditional Polish lullabies or calm songs in English. And when we change diapers or when we play she prefers more energetic songs. Our favourites are some songs from Super Simple Songs, such as "Baby Shark", "Five Little Ducks" and "The Ants Go Marching" - they are easy to sing and the lyrics are easy to remember. We have recently discovered a new one: "My Teddy Bear".

This song is so simple but it offers endless possibilities to use it for teaching English. A few days ago I came up with the idea to change the lyrics and sing it to my daughter after changing her diaper. Here's my version of the first verse (in fact, it could be the second or the third verse):

Then I change "blue eyes" to e.g. "small ears", "one nose" or "two hands" and so on. As you can see,  the order doesn't matter. I just sing about different body parts in each verse. And I use different adjectives or numbers. What is more important, I also use movement by pointing to particular body parts while singing. For example, when I'm singing: "My baby girl has small ears.", I gently touch her ears. And I always hug her when I'm sining: "I love my baby girl."
If you have a baby boy, it's very easy to change the lyrics ;)

And what about you? Do you have your favourite English songs? Do you sing them with your own lyrics?


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